The seventh grade team is aiming for a strong finish to a busy year!  


In Mr. Langer’s math class, students are currently working on three dimensional geometry, focusing on volume and surface area.  These will be their final concepts of the year, and then students will do a review of all of the major concepts covered throughout the year.  Mr. Sawyer and his science students just finished studying how to keep the planet healthy. They are currently focusing on the human body and ways to keep it healthy. Finally,  Mrs. Rodgers is teaching her ELA students to pull evidence from text without plagiarizing. Students are researching history mysteries, such as Bigfoot and the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, a project that will culminate in speeches at the end of the year.  Her class has been joined by a student teacher this trimester, Olivia Kester, a student from Concordia.


The team’s most interesting adventure this year has been filling the gap in our social studies department! Mr. Langer has taught economics, covering basic economic concepts associated with market economies and supply and demand.  They will finish up the year focusing on basic loan concepts and compound interest. Mr. Sawyer has been reviewing the fifty states and is moving into applying the five themes of geography to Asian countries and Oceana. Mrs. Rodgers has been teaching American Government.  The just finished the executive branch and are moving into the legislative branch. Both Mrs. Rodgers and the students are feeling like much more informed citizens.

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