CG-B Celebrates School Board Week!

School Board members

Wisconsin School Board Week is Oct. 6-12, and it’s a chance to recognize the men and women who volunteer to serve our communities and children. School board members serve part-time, though they have accepted a challenging, year-round role.

School board members must be accountable to taxpayers while setting a long-term vision for our schools. They advocate for children at all levels of government and oversee multi-million-dollar budgets.

Our Board sets the course for CGBSD on hundreds of topics, from school safety to financial planning to academic standards. They also hire and evaluate our district superintendents, approve contracts and do so much more.

In addition to preparing for and attending meetings, board members spend hours studying the issues and participating in professional development. We’re asking you to take this opportunity to recognize and thank our local school board members for their public service.

The members serving the District and the year their Board service commenced are as follows: President Chad Hoopman 2008; Vice President Nancy Niebauer, 2014; Clerk Aileen Dahlke, 2000; Treasurer Lori Gruell, 2015; Dan Bruhn, 2015; Laura Schieffer, 2010; and Kurt Kraus, 2015.

Thank You!

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