Health Services

  Kristina Gabrielse
School Nurse
Cedar Grove-Belgium School District
920-668-8518 ext. 233


The Cedar Grove-Belgium Area School District is dedicated to the intellectual, moral, cultural, emotional, social and physical development of all students in a secure environment thereby enabling them to function effectively in society as competent, productive, caring and responsible people. Health services are provided to support this mission and include:
• Developing, maintaining, and enforcing evidence based practice policies related to chronic health conditions and communicable diseases.
• Providing school health room staff that are trained in basic first aid and medication administration.
• Maintaining an AED in each school.
• Making epinephrine available for any student in the event of an anaphylactic reaction.
• Offering vision screening for students in 5K, 6th grade, and as referred. 
• Supporting students with chronic conditions throughout the school day.


Does my student need IMMUNIZATIONS?

What if my student has DIABETES?

What if my student has a SEIZURE DISORDER?

What if my student has ASTHMA?

What if my student NEEDS MEDICATION during the school day?

What if my student has HEAD LICE?

What if my student has an ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION at school?

What if my student has a health need that is not listed?

When should my child stay at home?