2021 HS Spring Play on YouTube

School Play

“Welcome to Downings Manor, a beautiful, but run-down and mostly abandoned mansion located in the heart of Yorkshire Boulevard.  For years, a mob family has been trespassing on the property and using the place for “business”.  Recently the mansion’s owner has passed away and has left the place to his two young adult children.  Unfortunately, money is still owed on the place, as the owner failed to keep his insurance up to date, leaving the children stuck with the bill.  Chaos ensues when the beneficiaries, with the help of their father’s elderly house cleaners, attempt to raise money by renting out rooms to an eclectic group of strangers.  A corrupt banker wants to foreclose; two crime families are searching for an expensive item hidden there; and others that just want a cheap place to live.  Throw in a couple love stories, and you have the general idea of what life is like at Downings Manor.”

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