Middle School Profile

Last Updated: 10/27/2021 3:33 PM


Recognized as an Exemplary Middle School
by the
Association of Wisconsin School Administrators

2018-2019 WSMA Accreditation Award

Wisconsin Technology Initiative (WTI) Grant Recipient

2020-21 Recognized for Efforts to Implement an Equitable System of Supports ~ Behavior
by the Wisconsin RtI Center, PBIS Network

2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 Recognized for Efforts to Implement
A Culturally Responsive System of Support ~ Silver Level ~ Behavior
by the Wisconsin RtI Center, PBIS Network

2015-2016  - Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Accountability Report Card
received a Five Star District rating

2014-15, 2015-16 Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports School of Merit

UWM Middle School Honors Band Festival Participants


Contact Us

Cedar Grove-Belgium Middle School
50 W. Union Ave, Cedar Grove, WI  53013
Phone:  920-668-8518
Fax:  920-668-8566

Principal, Kelly Dzurick - ext 229
Counselor, Beth Smittkamp - ext 228
Athletic Coordinator, Leslie Mundt - ext 230
Administrative Assistant, Carol Beardsley - ext 226

Administrative Assistant, Brenda Depies - ext 227

Student Day:  7:35 a.m. - 2:47 p.m.
Teacher Day:  7:20 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.
Homework pickup:  by 3:00 p.m. please


Our Mission

Cedar Grove-Belgium Middle School, in partnership with the community, is dedicated to providing an educational program that is responsive to the specific needs and characteristics of young adolescents.

Belief Statements:

  • The purpose of the school is to prepare students to be life-long learners through a challenging and relevant curriculum.

  • Providing a student-centered environment is a collaborative effort involving students, teachers, administrators, support staff, families and the community.

  • Parental involvement is vital to the education of the middle school student.

  • We are committed to the belief that all students can learn and be successful socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

  • We need to respect and promote healthy diversity so that interaction among our students is positive and respectful.

  • We strive to promote a safe, positive, encouraging and caring environment.

Our School

The middle school (grades 5-8) is organized into academic teams at each grade level from the core areas—language arts, math, science, and social studies. Cooperative learning and thematic units emphasize the core areas of instruction. 

Exploratory courses include the following at each grade level:
5th Grade:  Art, General Music, Physical Education, Band, Choir, Library, Rocket Reading, and Guidance
6th Grade:  Art, Physical Education, STEAM, Band, Choir, Library, and Guidance
7th Grade:  Art, Physical Education, Health, Spanish, Band, Choir, and Guidance
8th Grade:  Art, Physical Education, Innovation and Design, Spanish, Academic Career Planning, Band, and Choir

PBIS Statement

Our purpose of implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support at Cedar Grove—Belgium Middle School is to:  Teach, Model, and Promote positive behaviors so that ALL students become, Respectful, Responsible, and Kind citizens.

Our Staff

Currently, the middle school staff consists of approximately 25 certified staff members, and 6 support staff members, in addition to the Building Principal, School Counselor, and MS Athletic Coordinator in support of the current enrollment of approximately 260 students.


Special Education

The Middle School special education team implements co-teaching whenever possible while providing a full continuum of services.  Our team continues strategies to address academic and behavior skills deficits, while providing support to teachers to include students in the general curriculum. Students have similar programs offered at the elementary including: Moby Math, My Reading Coach, Kurzweil, individual whiteboards and some computer aided supports. Technology is integrated through computer writing skills, personal laptop usage and IPods when applicable. Speech/language goals begin to address access to the general curriculum, study skills/reading strategy support. Our team works closely with the reading specialist who implements Read 180 and Just Words as additional reading strategies throughout Middle School.

A Variety of Programs Include

Interdisciplinary Instruction
Just Words Reading intervention
Foreign Language Exploratory (Grades 7 and 8 Spanish)
1:1 Chromebook devices

Technology Education
     Hands on collaborative experience in manufacturing, maker spaces, communications, solar energy, and construction
Computer Applications
Computer Design, Internet, networking, on-line
Special Areas
Music, art, band, choir, multimedia, health, and physical education.
Advisor-Advisee (Grades 7 and 8)



A blend of athletic, fine art, and club activities are offered that allow students to develop and expand their talents.


· Basketball
· Cross country
· Track
· Volleyball
· Wrestling

Other Activities

· Student Council
· Lakeland College Math Meet
· Geography Bee
· Acuity Spelling Bee
· Community Service Projects
· WSMA Festivals