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Beginning on Monday, March 30 there will be a mobile food pantry set up from 11am to 1pm at the turnaround by the CG-B District Office.  This is the same time the CG-B lunch pick up will occur at the Middle School, so families in need can come by the District Office turnaround for curbside pickup at that time as well.  Boxes of food will be distributed from 11am-1pm on Mondays of each week until further notice.

The mobile food pantry is coordinated by the CG-B Food Pantry with boxes of food provided by the Sheboygan Food Bank.  The goal is to help those families in need that have had their employment and overall situations affected by COVID-19. Food is available to any CG-B families and residents.  

If a family is in need but unable to pick up from the mobile food pantry on Mondays, please contact Sally Ketterhagen at  



Dear Cedar Grove-Belgium Parents/Families,

 Welcome to the start of Spring Break 2020.  I am certain that when this week was planned well over a year ago on the 2020 calendar, this was not the week anyone could have imagined we would find ourselves facing. 

 The world, as we know it, has changed and there is no playbook for what we are experiencing.  I know that this time of uncertainty gives rise to increased feelings of anxiety, loneliness and fear.  I want to remind you that you, and your children, are not alone in that regard. While we are currently living in a virtual world, the CGB teaching and counseling staff are "here" to support you and your children in any way possible.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to them in the coming days and weeks ahead. We will do our very best to provide you with any resources that we have available. Together, we are stronger and that applies equally to the virtual world as it did to the physical world!

 Special thanks to all students and parents that participated in Connectivity Day on Thursday, March 19.  We had strong participation with almost every student/family connecting virtually with their classroom teachers.  We are encouraged by this first step in delivering K-12 virtual education. The teaching staff is looking forward to connecting with their students daily, although differently, beginning on Monday, March 30.  We ask for your patience as we get these "new wheels" rolling from underneath us. I am certain that within a short time, we will have established a sound structure and rhythm of delivery without being overwhelming in nature.  If at any time, you find your child(ren) struggling, do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher, principal, or me. We are here to help and support one another in any way we can.

 While there are many uncertainties swirling around us, there are some things that we do know for certain.  We know that social distancing, good hygiene and hand washing are effective against the virus spread, and that the Cedar Grove-Belgium Community will support one another through this.  At this time, almost all CGB staff members are currently working virtually. Maintenance staff members are sanitizing the facilities, and our food service workers are preparing free lunches for any child under age 18.  Lunches will be served on M-W-F (of any day that school would regularly have been in session). The next day of the Grab & Go lunch program will be Monday, March 30 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. Pick-up locations are in front of the main entrance of the Middle School in Cedar Grove and at the Fire Station in Belgium. Meals are on a “first come, first served” basis.  As you know, all other non-essential activities are suspended in our facilities at this time. But when we are allowed to come back - we will be back, stronger than ever and eager to see, in person, our students and families once again.

 To our Cedar Grove-Belgium seniors, these are not the circumstances that anyone would have wanted for the final months of your senior year.  But know that if you complete your work online, fulfill the requirements of your coursework as established by your teachers that you will graduate.  These are times that are requiring us to think differently, do differently and find creative solutions to new problems. We will rely on your leadership and ingenuity, as well, as we move through the school year in the coming weeks/months ahead.  We are uncertain as to when school will resume. But when it does resume, we will return to our traditional ways, or if needed, find new, and meaningful ways to celebrate your senior year accomplishments in the Cedar Grove-Belgium Schools. Your input into those processes will be important.  

 I am hoping you will find many moments of enjoyment and gratitude during our Spring Break week ahead.  Hopefully, this week will allow you to take a breath, and relax a bit before our virtual educational programming begins.

All the best to you and yours,        

Dr. Claire Martin


Collection of Mental Health & Support Services



Today, March 18, at 1:00 pm all buildings of the CGBSD will close. There will be no public access until further notice. Only essential personnel will have access to the buildings.


Dear Parents/Caregivers:

These are certainly challenging times filled with uncertainty and concern that are impacting our community, state, and the entire country.   As the Cedar Grove Belgium School District moves to providing classes on line, your children may have questions about the reasons behind the closing of school.  Below, are some resources for you to use as you discuss this situation with your children. This information includes content for children of all ages, including a comic zine that older children can make and videos of proper handwashing techniques for younger children.

  1. Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease 2019: Messages for parents, school staff, and others working with children 

  1. How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus 

  1. Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus

  1. Dirty Hands can be Scary 

  1. Daniel the Tiger Handwashing Video 

 Helping children cope with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak 

Home schooling or distance learning can be stressful. One recommendation is to keep your children on a schedule during the school day. Kids respond to routines. Take the time to create a routine with your children. It will keep them engaged and give them ownership over their education.

Take good care, be well, we are in this together!

Ann Van Eerden MSN, MS, RN, NCSN, CNE
School Nurse
Cedar Grove Belgium School District





Staff will plan and deliver instruction in a virtual environment to provide quality learning experiences for students in the event of extended school closure, to minimize the disruption of an extended school closure. 

  • Tues 3/17 - staff only on site
  • Wed 3/18 and Friday 3/20 - virtual prep for e-learning (staff prep)
  • Thurs 3/19 - Teachers connect remotely with students. (No instruction)
  • March 20 - March 27: Spring Break - No School Expectations
  • March 30-April 3rd - school resumes via virtual learning.
  • April 6th and beyond - return to on site instruction or continue virtual learning based on direction from Public Health, State or Federal Government directives


  • Staff will take home school-issued devices (if applicable) along with all materials needed to plan for and deliver instruction. Any staff needs in this area should be communicated with Anthony Summers, or your building principal.

-Check email regularly during work day (email will serve as our primary source of staff communication.)
-Check voicemail each work day and respond within 24 hours.
-Consider any electronic file access needs which should be addressed prior to leave.

  • Beyond Tuesday, March 17, teachers are not required to report to their buildings, but they may come in if they would like.
  • Learning resources must be available to all students, including those without internet access. 
  • Please maintain a healthy work/life balance. Keep lines of communication open between all departments and consult your building principal.
  • All staff with SPED students in their courses are expected to consult with SPED case managers around instruction and support. 
  • All staff will participate in weekly building meetings (via Google Meet or in person). Specific times will be communicated at the building level.
  • Building principals will provide additional details around office hours, resources, etc. for each specific building.
  • Staff will establish consistent office hours and relay those to students and families.


  • All students need to take the following home:  
    -Chromebooks and chargers
    All essential class materials
  • Students attend school on Monday 3/16.  School closure at the end of instructional day.
  • Thursday, March 19 - students connect with their classroom teachers.  This will be initiated by the teachers. Please respond at their request. 
  • March 20 - March 29: Spring Break - No School Expectations
  • Students attend full school days virtually beginning on Monday, March 30 and continuing until we return to on-site instruction.
    -The format of the days will be developed and communicated at the building level.
    -Attendance expectation details are described below 
  • Students communicate with teachers during office hours (questions, concerns, clarification, etc.). These will be established by each building.
  • Students will check courses and email each morning.
  • Students will complete work for each class (daily or Day 1/Day 2) as assigned by each teacher.
  • Teachers will track attendance by work completed each class and/or by checking in during class.
  • Chromebook questions or difficulty - email Ms. Engevold at 


  • All modifications and accommodations will be provided for students per usual.
  • Equal access to educational opportunities provided to all students through special education services determined in student’s IEP.


  • In order for a student to be considered “present,” he/she needs to complete learning activities for each class by the date identified by the teacher.
  • Parents may excuse students as they normally would by contacting the appropriate school office, and students would continue to be subject to district/state attendance parameters. 



Tammy Peiffer, Food Nutrition Manager
920-668-8686 ext. 237

Office Hours: 7:00 am - 2:00 pm

Dear Cedar Grove-Belgium  Families:

While schools are closed, CGBSD’s Food Service program will be providing FREE meals to ALL children age 18 and under. (you do not need to qualify for free and reduced lunch) Wednesday, March 18th  families will be able to drive-thru or walk up to receive their grab-and-go meals between 11:00 -1:00, at that time a lunch will be provided for both Wednesday and Thursday. We will start up again after Spring Break on March 30th. 

Meal pick-up locations: 

1. Main entrance of Middle School. 2. Belgium Fire Department (East Entrance) 195 Commerce Street.

Children will receive a grab-and-go lunch.  Meals are available to all children, not just those attending CGBSD. 

This program is solely for the pick-up of meals; meals will not be consumed on-site. We encourage families to continue to be proactive in reducing the risk of COVID-19 by not congregating at the pick-up locations. Continue to wash your hands often, sneeze or cough into a tissue or elbow, and stay home if you are sick. 

Program locations and times subject to change. Meals available while supplies last. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


The Cedar Grove Belgium School District is closed starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17, 2020 for all District students. Given the most recent directive from Governor Evers regarding the restriction on gatherings of 50 people or more, to include schools, the Cedar Grove Belgium Schools are closed until further notice. Parents/Families: For the latest school information related to the school closure, or for resources that may be helpful to you during this time, please refer to this Website. 

Thank you, Dr. Claire Martin



The Cedar Grove-Belgium School District WILL BE open for students on Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17.

The District will be closed beginning on Wednesday, March 18 for all CGB students.

All CGB staff members will report to work on Wednesday, March 18, per their usual schedule. This day will be utilized by teaching staff members to prepare for the move toward an online learning platform.

On Thursday, March 19, teachers will be connecting with their students utilizing the online learning platforms. The purpose of this day will simply be to establish connections and provide support, as needed, for families/students to virtually connect.

Parents/students will not be expected to connect to school virtually on Friday, March 20.  This will be a planning day for all staff members.

Beginning on Monday, March 30 (the Monday after Spring Break) teachers WILL BE  delivering online instruction to all CGB students.


Food Service
Internet Devices & Support
Elementary School Instruction
Middle School Instruction
High School Instruction
SPED Instruction